On 2018-02-13, at 12:20 PM, db wrote:
> I have some devel ports locally, that I have to manually update for the 
> latest commit, instead of automatically updating for the current master. I 
> have to check that wielands port.

widelands uses bzr, so it's easy to force it to the current commit by passing 
-1 for a commit reference.

For git, I'd have to look at the github portgroup to see how to do that.

But as you heard from Ryan, it appears it's not ever going to make it into 
macports in general...

>> 3. LinuxPorts
>> I think Rene has this working (@RJVB). Haven't tried it, though. I bought a 
>> couple of linux machines for this reason, but just ran out of time to play 
>> with them.
> Do you mean this repo [1] or am I missing something?
> [1] https://github.com/RJVB/lnxports

Well, my guess is that if you just downloaded macports current source archive, 
it would just build and install on linux.

Rene's lnxports repo consists of Portfiles he's modified to work on linux. It's 
likely to be a great repo overlay to get started with.

But I haven't tried it to confirm that, as I said.


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