On Apr 7, 2018, at 11:27, Murray Eisenberg wrote:

> Thanks, that seems to have worked.
> To do the remaining steps…
> port selfupdate
> port install gcc44 # With the addition of llvm/clang as the default compiler 
> in XCode, many ports now fail to build unless you force GCC to be used
> port install openmodelica-devel +libraries +clang 
> …should I still stay in that root shell?

It does say in their instructions, before those commands, "run (as root):"

You will need to be root to selfupdate and install ports, but usually you 
should do that by putting "sudo" in front of those commands.

It's unfortunate they're suggesting you should install an obsolete port like 
gcc44. The last version of gcc44 was released 6 years ago and we don't support 
it on High Sierra and later. The current stable version of gcc is gcc7.

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