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I cannot even list outdated packages, look:

$ sudo port list outdated
sudo: Can't mkdir /var/db/sudo/multix: File exists

This is certainly odd. It sounds like it is trying to create the directory /var/db/sudo/multix but a file or directory of that name already exists. You might try deleting the file or directory /var/db/sudo/multix (or at least temporarily renaming it to something else) and see if that helps anything.

A similar problem was reported on reddit some years ago. In that instance, the problem appears to have been a bad hard drive. You might check your disk with Disk Utility and use some other method of verifying the drive's SMART status, and make sure you have current backups just in case.

The hard disk is new, I changed it, it is only a few month old SSD.

After a few days, I retried and it worked. A reboot apparenlty did wonders. I think there are sometimes issues with putting the Mac to sleep that confuse the filesystem, I expreienced sometimes that files are not found when they do exist.

I also want to point out that there is no need to use sudo when performing read-only operations like listing ports, and also that "list outdated" is probably not the command you want to run; the command you probably want is "outdated". See https://trac.macports.org/wiki/FAQ#portlist.

Yes, port outdated is better. I just issued the command because it was an easy way to reproduce the issue.


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