On Sat, 2007-06-30 at 16:30 +0200, Sven Anders wrote:
> Hello!
> I asked one of the developers of the nice iStatPro Widget, which meanings
> the cryptic values have. I got the following response:

this translates to the following in sensors.conf (maybe it is worth
hiding the unknown ones...)

chip "applesmc-isa-0300"
    label "temp1" "Ambient"
    label "temp2" "Enclosure Bottom"
    label "temp3" "CPU A"
    label "temp4" "unknown TC0P"
    label "temp5" "GPU Heatsink"
    label "temp6" "GPU"
    label "temp7" "unknown TG0T"
    label "temp8" "Heatsink A"
    label "temp9" "Heatsink B"
    label "temp10" "Memory Controller"
    label "temp11" "unknown Ts0P"
    label "temp12" "unknown Ts1P"
    label "fan1" "Left Fan"
    label "fan2" "Right Fan"

chip "coretemp-isa-0000"
   label temp1 "Core0"

chip "coretemp-isa-0001"
   label temp1 "Core1"

$ sensors -u
Adapter: ISA adapter
Ambient: 25.00 (temp1)
Enclosure Bottom: 36.50 (temp2)
CPU A: 53.00 (temp3)
unknown TC0P: 48.00 (temp4)
GPU Heatsink: 52.25 (temp5)
GPU: 51.75 (temp6)
unknown TG0T: 55.25 (temp7)
Heatsink A: 43.00 (temp8)
Heatsink B: 41.00 (temp9)
Memory Controller: 49.50 (temp10)
unknown Ts0P: 35.50 (temp11)
unknown Ts1P: 35.00 (temp12)
Left Fan: 2534.00 (fan1)
  fan1_min: 2500.00 (fan1_min)
  fan1_max: 6000.00 (fan1_max)
  fan1_safe: 1200.00 (fan1_safe)
Right Fan: 2534.00 (fan2)
  fan2_min: 2500.00 (fan2_min)
  fan2_max: 6000.00 (fan2_max)
  fan2_safe: 1200.00 (fan2_safe)

Adapter: ISA adapter
Core0: 47.00 (temp1)
  temp1_crit: 100.00 (temp1_crit)
  temp1_crit_alarm: 0.00 (temp1_crit_alarm)

Adapter: ISA adapter
Core1: 52.00 (temp1)
  temp1_crit: 100.00 (temp1_crit)
  temp1_crit_alarm: 0.00 (temp1_crit_alarm)

> > Hi,
> > Our names are basically educated guesses. We really don't know if ours
> > are 100% correct but we have compared ours to other products and they seem
> > to be the same more or less.
> > You can get our current list of names from inside the iStat pro widget
> > (iStat 
> > pro.wdgt/iStatPro.bundle/Contents/Resources/s/intel/iStatIntelControlleriStatPro.m)
>         [keyDisplayNames setValue:@"Enclosure Bottom" forKey:@"TB0T"];
>         [keyDisplayNames setValue:@"Northbridge 1" forKey:@"TN0P"];
>         [keyDisplayNames setValue:@"Northbridge 2" forKey:@"TN1P"];
>         [keyDisplayNames setValue:@"Northbridge" forKey:@"TN0H"];
>         [keyDisplayNames setValue:@"Expansion Slots" forKey:@"TS0C"];

There are quite a few keys in there which applesmc does not use...


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