I planned to cancel my dropbox subscription and made a copy of everything in 
dropbox and place it in iCloud. It totals less than 30gb. But, media files like 
mp3, m4a, etc are problematic. Trying to open any media file in either iCloud 
or the local dropbox folders is most likely to result in an error message or 
just unable to open it. Its really hit or miss as some files will open, others 
will not. However, everything opens and plays perfectly well using the IOS 
dropbox app. I've come to believe that it is not dropbox' fault, but that 
something is really screwed up on my side.
I've never done a clean upgrade or install of the various OSX updates and I 
thing that maybe my file associations are a bit messed up. That's all I can 
So, I either go back to Dropbox with tail between my legs and pay the renewal 
subscription, or I pull my hair out trying to fix this media file mess.
Any thoughts, feelings, admonitions, suggestions, quick fixes, etc?

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