Just clicked Family Storage upgraded my iCloud from 200GB to 4TB.  2TB of 
that is what we want to discontinue.  Still gives us 2TB which should be 

On Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 9:43:09 PM UTC-6 Kevin Gibbs wrote:

> Guys,
> My wife and I thought it might be a good idea to take advantage of the new 
> Mac One Bundle so we can share Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News and other 
> stuff between the two of us. There’s just one major problem. Because of 
> previous decisions we’ve made, I am listed as the “Organizer” and my wife 
> is listed as an adult on the account. The problem is that while I have 
> 200GB of iCloud storage, she has 2TB of storage. 
> If we proceed with this, I gather that we will have to downgrade Pam’s 
> iCloud from the 2TB she’s had for the last couple years in order to avoid 
> double paying for the 2TB of data we want. Before doing this downgrade, we 
> will have to download all 407GB of my wife’s 2TB of data so that it won’t 
> be lost when we stop paying for her individual 2TB plan. Unfortunately, 
> there doesn’t seem to be any short method for backing up Pam’s music, 
> photos, docs and mail all at once so that it can then be re-uploaded to a 
> new 2TB stash which is part of the new shared bundle. 
> As near as I can figure out, the only steps available appear to require 
> the user to download mail, photos, music, docs and so on in separate format 
> specific operations instead of being able to simply grab all the data in 
> one long download operation. Am I missing something? It seems to me that it 
> would make more sense to simply have an operation designed to transfer the 
> whole lot of Pam’s 407GB from essentially one vault to another in one shot. 
> Please let me know if I’m making sense and if I’m missing an operation that 
> might make this a lot less painful.
> Best,
> Kevin

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