I'm finding though still perfectly accessible, that on my mac, it's a bit more 
clunky now.  I can't exactly yet totally explain in what way, but it has more 
of a Safari feel to it, and a lot of my keystrokes like command+shift+H for the 
store, command+num row 1 for music, etc. are not seeming to work anymore.  It's 
really really kind of weird.  It's definitely going to take some getting used 
to.  Especially knowing I now have to vo around the screen a lot more than I 
used to.  Yeah, I could set up hotspots, which I might wind up doing, but 
really?  Is this truly necessary, Apple?  Come on!
Christopher Gilland
JAWS Certified, 2016.
Training Instructor.

Phone: (704) 256-8010.

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