OK, I am incredibly advanced of a IHardware user, but this, I willingly 
confess, I really don't know.

A friend of mine, who'll be left unnamed out of respect for them, and I were 
having a very very interesting conversation over Zello, and I thought I'd ask 
you guys in case someone up here knows the exacts.

So, first of all, what type processor is in the  IPod Touch 6th Generation?  Is 
it an A6, or maybe an A7, and am I correct in assuming that the IPod has a bit 
of a slower processor than the IPhone?

Secondly, I know about the keypress of pressing and holding the power and home 
key to do a complete reboot, and I also know about respringing the device by 
rapidly hitting the power button 5 times in very quick succession.  But, my 
question is, what behind the scenes is actually going on hardwarewise when you 
do those, and how do those two commands truly differ.  I mean, I get that 
respringing is basically just kind of like a reboot if you will, where the 
other is like a full power cycle, but specifically what are they literally 
doing back there?  Is one like a memory dump, or what literally happens?  And 
where would one use one over the other?  I know in either case they are mainly 
last resort things, especially the power/home, but I'm not asking if they 
should only be resorted as a last attempt.  I know that much.  I'm asking more 
the specific example scenareos of when one would be used over the other, and 
when done, what is actually then occuring.


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