By now, I’m quite sure all y’all have heard of the latest with the iPhone7+.  
It hisses at you when you push the unit very hard:  that is, according to some. 
 After considering the matter, I have come to the conclusion that I think I 
know what is or may be going on.  I tried this with my iPhone6+ and got results 
that seem to confirm it.  Yes, I heard a hiss, but, I do not believe it’s a 
problem with the phone.  My explanation is this.  If there is a so-called 
“hiss” going on, it’s got to do with the distortion of air movement as it 
passes between the opening of your ear and the smooth flat back of your phone.  
Consider what happens when you put a sea shell to your ear.  You hear what you 
were told as a child is the sound of the ocean:  but actually, it’s nothing 
more than the distortion of air as it passes between the opening of the shell 
and the opening of your ear.  Just as light refracts around objects causing 
shadows, so sound can refract in much the same way.  The poor sighted, who may 
not be used to this femoninon, are confused and believe their iPhone7+’s hiss 
at them when the processers are pushed hard.  What say the rest of y’all 
concerning this explanation?  Remember, the so-called bend Gate was dismissed 
after a while when it was proven not to be so?  I rather expect that this 
so-called “hiss gate” will go much the same way.  Yes, I have seen the youtube 
video and heard what sounded like a hiss:  but, I am convenced that what I 
heard was ambiant room noise.

Sent from my Mac, The only computer with full accessibility for the blind 

Sincerely, The Constantly Barefooted Ray
Still a very happy Mac, Verizon Wireless iPhone6+ and Apple TV user!!!!!

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