Indeed, pointless is subjective. After all, we are more than fortunate that both the blind and the sighted can use the same Apple products out of the box.

Its only Day One but it looks like I may not need to wait for 10.12.1. Still will not be a rush job so maybe next month.

From E.T.'s Keyboard...
  Are We Alone in the Universe?

On 9/21/2016 8:50 AM, Tim Kilburn wrote:

Pointless is a matter of prospective.  I bet that lots of sighted users find it 
pointless that Apple bothers with accessibility features.  Oops, probably will 
get slammed for that one.  The point is, we probably don't even notice half of 
the improvements that happen due to bug fixes, so, that doesn't mean that they 
are, or were pointless.



Tim Kilburn
Fort McMurray, AB Canada

On Sep 21, 2016, at 09:45, Blee Blat <> wrote:

At the rate they do updates these days, I wonder if we'll see
So many pointless features and so many updates, for so little improvement. They 
must be really bored.

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