OK, this is a little bit perplexing.

I have ICloud set up on all of my iOS devices, all of which are running iOS 10. 
 All of them have contact syncing enabled.  Further, I have contact syncing 
enabled on all of my macs.  All of them are on the exact same wifi network, and 
all of them are signed into the exact same ICloud account.

On my mac, when I open the contacts app, I then hit command+N to add a new 
contact.  In Sierra, at least, I'm told that the currwent card is in "All 
ICloud," which makes complete sense.  On a sidenote entirely, did Voiceover 
used to say that in El Capitan? I don't remember it doing so.  Anyway, getting 
back to the problem, I get the tontact's info filled out, stop interacting with 
the scroll area, hit VO+Space on the Add button, which then turns to an Edit 
button.  I then quit Contacts with Command+Q.

Now, If I go over to my iPad, or my iPhone, or one of my other macs, and I look 
in contacts, I don't see the contact showing up.

I wondered if somehow I was putting the contacts only locally on the mac, not 
in ICloud, but that isn't the case.  Looking on the mac side, it appears that 
the contact is indeed going into All ICloud.  So, what in the blessid world is 
going on here!  I really don't get this.  Before anyone says, and, you're 
absolutely sure you're signed in and syncing contacts on all devices... yes.  I 
am.  Trust me.  I looked.  Where did you look.  Well, on iOS, I went 
settings>ICloud.  Under there, I see Contacts: On.  and it shows my Apple ID on 
that screen correctly.  Have I rebooted the devices?  Yes, I have.  Many times. 
 How about the mac?  Yes.  Again, many times.  On the mac, I'm going to system 
prefs, ICloud, then am looking in the services table, and contacts is 
definitely checked.  Yes, I tried on all devices turning contacts off and back 
on to refresh.  Upon turning contacts back on, I was asked what to do with 
existing contacts, and I said merge.

I'm confident that the contacts are not showing up on iOS, as Siri can't find 
them, and when I look manually in the Contacts app, I move the table index to 
the correct letter, then flick down through the contact list, and they are not 
showing up.

I even not only turned contacts off and back on to refresh things, I even 
signed completely out of ICloud, and then back in on all devices.  No good.  So 
yeah... What on earth!


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