I am currently using a braille display with my Mac Mini Late 2012 on El Capitan.

I have a few questions, please.

First off, I am using contracted braille, and have disabled dot 7 8 braille.  
I’m noticing that when typing in a text field, be it in Text Edit, Pages, Mail, 
wherever, it doesn’t matter at all, even though contracted braille is enabled, 
I’m finding that the current word under the cursor is getting expanded to 
computer braille. I’ve looked in the Voiceover utility under the Braille 
category and automatic translation is unchecked. That’s the only thing I can 
thing that would control this behavior. Regardless, that isn’t working. Is 
there a way to turn that off, so it contracts regardless?

Second of all is a much more aggravating problem by far and away!

When I am reading a document in Safari, or say somewhere with an html element, 
like a web area in ITunes, or whatever, point is, it’s a web html content area, 
Each paragraph if a seperet item as far as Voiceover is concerned. I’m using 
DOM order, and I don’t have any desire to change that.  This is absolutely 
fine, but the problem lies in panning with the display.  Regardless if I’m 
using my big Alva Satelite 584 Pro, which is my primary display, or I’m using 
my Pacmate BX Omni 20 cell while on the go, I find that as soon as I pan the 
display to the right and it leaves one item and moves to the next, Voiceover 
starts audibly, with Alex, reading that next item. I know it’s simply doing 
that because of the fact I transitioned from the previous item to another item. 
The issue is, it really is very distracting when I’m in the heat of reading a 
really good article. Then, I have to take my hands off the display, hit the 
control key on the keyboard to shut up Alex, then go back to the display, and 
continue. It really really breaks the flow of things. I don’t mind Voiceover 
doing this normally, but there are times I’d rather be able to pan, and even if 
I leave one item and move to another, I’d rather it reflect that on the 
display, yes, but Voiceover not speak at all, if all I’m doing is panning.  
It’s fine if one item takes more than one pan to complete, so say on my 20 cell 
display, an item is over 20 characters. If I pan past the 20th cell to the 21st 
cell of the item, that is fine. It’s when I reach the end of the item, then try 
moving to the next item there after that this problem is occuring.

The final question I have is regarding my routing keys on my display.  I don’t 
understand why, but even in Sierra, this is an issue.  For some b izarre 
reason, my routing keys are not working at all on my Alva Satelite Pro 584.  
It’s the most weirdest thing!  My PM20 display works fine.  Another friend of 
mine who also owns an Alva Satelite tried to reproduce the problem, and he can 
as well.  So clearly, something’s either broken or not set by default.  I 
didn’t think the routing keys had to be set.

So, say I’m editting a document, and I find a typo. I should be able to press 
the router butting directly above the error to move my insertion point to that 
character and fix the mistake. I can’t. When I try, it just dings at me.  This 
is both again on Sierra, as well as on El Capitan. It works, as I said with my 
PM display, just not with the Alva.  I’ve tried both the top, and the bottom 
row of routing keys to no avale.  I don’t think these need to be mapped, as 
with the PM display plugged in, I went to the VO Utility/Braille, then on the 
braille display tab, under Assign commands, I don’t see those keys individually 
mapped.  On the PM display, they just work.  So I don’t think this is a mapping 

When I go into the setup within the actual firmware itself of the Alva display, 
the routing keys are not disabled.  So, yeah… I’m totally stumped.

I should add that on the Windows side of things on my Win XP machine with JAWS 
15, the routing keys work perfectly, so it’s definitely not a hardware 

Any help with these things would be appreciated. I suppose I could call 
Accessibility, but the last time I did and asked them about anything braille 
related, they didn’t have the slightest clue, and normally haven’t other times 
as well that I called about braille. I guess they just are not trained on 
anything braille related, which is a bloody crying shame!

Anyway, can anyone help with these things?


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