Hi List,

I thought I'd ask this question and see what people think,

I was looking at the new Samsung Galaxy S8 today and must admit it's a bloody 
nicely designed device,
However it's an android device so it will be a very big second choice if I'm to 
get a new phone.

A couple of things I did note from it was a couple of security features,

Facial scanning recognition for unlocking your phone and also iris scanning 
recognition for also security like unlocking your phone etc,

Now what I want to know is,
Will iris scanning work for a blind person?

This feature on the S8 has a depth related scanning so it can't seemingly be 
fooled with a photo,
And in my case I still have my own eyes although they don't work one is white 
with I forget what,
But I wonder will this work for those of us with eyeballs?

And more to the point will apple even look at these types of security features 
in the next version of the iPhone?


Simon F

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