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> Subject: A problem that I would like to see addressed in future Amadeus Pro 
> updates
> Date: 6 August 2017 at 11:07:29 am AEST
> To: mar...@hairersoft.com
> hey,
> my name is michael marshall and i have been a long time user of Amadeus Pro.
> I'm writing because I believe something needs to be brought to your attention 
> when doing a scheduled recording.
> When you do a schedule recording, and it comes time to save the file, if you 
> accidentally cancelled the save, the entire recording is deleted.
> As a voiceover user the save dialogue can pop up when your doing something 
> elce on the mac and the cancel button can accidentally be clicked.
> I do not just speak from a VO perspective on this.
> I would like to see a warning implemented saying that if you cancel the save, 
> your scheduled recording will be deleted.
> better still, I would like it to be like a non-scheduled recording where if 
> you cancel a save, the recording is still there.
> It would be much appreciated if you looked into what I consider to be a bit 
> of a problem.
> There is nothing worse than doing a really good scheduled recording of say a 
> radio show only to lose it by accident when accidentally interrupting a save.
> warm regards
> Michael

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