Hi all,
Sorry if my question seems out of step, but if this is possible, I want to make the effort.
I have no idea what homekit does, might include my goals I suppose.
I have an IPhone 5se?, recently unlocked by a co-worker, but not used for anything at all yet.
Here is my desire.
I just found a new apartment which is a flat above a business.
Because mine is the only dwelling and said business closes rather early, I am considering a touch of extra well monitoring in a way. What I want is something that sends a vibrating indicator if someone rings my doorbell at the very least. I do not wish to need a browser for this, nor am I interested in a text message. The apartment has a doorbell already, but I have not checked it closely enough to learn if it is wireless. My hope is the application can detect its presence. If I need to add a simple sensor I am willing, frankly I am asking for ideas because I have not needed to consider this sort of thing before.

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