Hi folks

I am in the middle of building a small static website and have run up against a 
little problem with Voice Over and the screen-reader-text CSS class. The 
screen-reader-text class allows authors to hide information useful to Screen 
Reader users from those who do not need it.

 On encountering the first link in the main body of the page, VO behaves as 
expected; announcing the screen-reader-text 'external' after the link is read 
out. With all other links though, the screen-reader-text is announced prior to 
the link being read. Where screen-reader-text is used in the navigation menu,  
VO initially announces it before the link is read, but reverts to expected 
behaviour within the navigation menu thereafter.
Has anyone encountered this and if so, discovered a work around please? I am 
running macOS High Sierra with all latest updates


Best wishes

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