Sent from my iPhoneHi guys, I have a curious accessibility question I need some 
assistance with. I just started, or I shoud a, my family and I just go id of 
cable and ae uing Hulu, Neflix, ime, and oomarang for our cable services, and 
are pretty excited about it. However, I have some questions and a few issues. 
Hulu, for instance. I noticed I can't seem to navigate it on the IPhone 7 plus, 
or the IPad Mini. Are there some tricks that work with making it accessible 
with voiceover? Is it accessible on the Apple Tv 4th Gen? Also, Boomarang seems 
to have the same interface. Is there any suggestions you can give me on 
that?Ne!flix is great, and so is 
prime, but Hulu is my bump in the road as it were. Any help would be 
appreciated. Thanks for any help you can give. Take care. 

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