Hi all
I’ve been using Aftershokz bone conducting headphones for a couple of years 
now, I’m on my second set, the wired model.

I don’t use it for listening to music, I only use it for Voiceover, so sound 
quality isn’t a big consideration.

I’m wondering if anyone tried the new Aftershokz Trekz Air model yet, I 
specifically wonder if there’s a Voiceover delay? I see it has bluetooth 4.2 so 
in theory there should be no delay if used with other bluetooth 4.2 devices, 
but I have a 2015 Macbook Pro which still runs bluetooth 4.1 if I recall 

The Trekz Air is quite expensive for what I intend using them for, so even 
though I like the fact that there’s nothing in my ears while working so that I 
can hear other people talking around me, maybe I should just get Airpods which 
is slightly cheaper and I would be able to use them for so much more.

Penny for your thoughts?


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