Hi all.

In brief, I'm a very determined and apparently reluctant learning of the Apple 
operating system.

I've been using windows since Dos 3.1 and like many people, I am afraid of this 
new system.

I Purchased a 27 Imac and a Macbook pro about 2 years ago and have hardly moved 
in my learning.

Despite buying a great book, titled, Janet Ingber - Everything You Need to Know 
to Use the Mac , I cannot get the motivation to "Use the mac"!

My fingers tremble at my Macbook and I'm so afraid of doing something wrong, 
I'm paralysed.

So I'm thinking that I should try something really simple.

I'm addicted by the way to talking books, so lets look at that  as a method to 
break the ice.

I've placed the above book on a thumb drive but every time I plug it into my 
Macbook, absolutely nothing happens, so I cannot access this media.

On a Windows computer I'm asked "What do you want your computer to do?".

So if anyone can tell me how to access a thumb drive and be able to go through 
some of the easy chapters of this book then listen to them, it may be enough to 
finally break my spirit and get me started, hahaha.

Sorry guys for the long message but I'm sure you have all heard it before.

Very best wishes.

>From Scotland with Love.

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