Hi listers,

I've just had what I think is something coolhappen.

Now some of you may well have noticed or had this happen before but for me it 
was a new feature,

I just purchased an iPad pro 10.5inch and smart kb,
I've just been setting it up and wished to setup hey siri so put my earpods in 
to stop the pad hearing vo speak,

 What I found was that only one of the airpods connected or appeared to work 
with the iPad pro,
 So I thought for gits and shiggles I'd test my phone
To find that one airpod worked from my phone and one worked from the iPad pro,

So it would appear if I'm not mistaken that you are going to be able if not 
already able to split the earpods audio between different devices.

The iPad is running what ever the latest 11.3 is and the iphone x is running 
11.4 PB

Very cool,
Now if only they would release the air pad for charging and the airpod wifi 
charging case,

Happy playing folks.

Simon F

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