Hi everyone. Hopefully someone has a fix for this?

I bought a second hand mac book air recently. The previous owner had
not wiped their drive so as I always do with a new machine, I wiped
the drive after booting into recovery. I reinstalled high sierra after
doing that while still in utilities. The install seemed to go fine and
I setup high sierra and installed my apps etc. After rebooting the
machine however, all i get after the mac chime is a single beep.
voiceover will not load and I can't seem to read anything on the
screen using the seeing AI iPhone app.

so, i wiped the drive again and this time, installed high sierra via a
bootable flash drive I created on my iMac using disk maker x.

Again the install went fine, I setup everything after high sierra
loaded and all seemed fine. I signed into iCloud and I get the
notification on my other devices that I'm signed into facetime and
iMessage on a new mac.

I restarted the machine and just as before, once the chime sounded, I
got a single beep and then nothing.

I powered down the machine and reset the pram. Once it restarted
again, the exact same thing happened.

When I boot into mac utilities again, I can see the macintosh
partition in startup disk but it says it can't access it.

I haven't come across this before. Would anybody out there have any ideas?

The machine does not have apple care so I can't call them about it.



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