Hi all,
I have a humanware bei14 on loan for a week or two. I like the compactness, but 
I just haven’t been able so far to get used to having so few cells. Especially 
with word wrap I guess, where sometimes, several cells are blank because the 
next whole word won’t fit on the line. I also don’t quite understand how the 
notes feature works. I have entered both my Google and Comcast accounts into 
the brailliant device. But I’m not sure what happens next. I have read the 
manual. My other comment is that I preferred the keyboard on the older 
humanware braille displays. The typing keys on this one are to my way of 
thinking, mushy. I’m thinking I probably won’t buy it, but I do want to give it 
a fair chance. I like the price, and I like the idea of having notetaking 
ability which I could, or not, sync up with my phone. But I’m just not getting 
the mechanics of it I guess.

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