I've now got my serial port connected with three spring-contacts - the type used on a bead-of-mails test station. This connected to a FTDI TF232BM usb-serial converter chip.

A quick look around, I noticed /dev/mtdblock2 it where is seems the vmlinux image lives, starting at offset 0x800 /dev/mtdblock0 is the nolo 'Nokia Loader' code and /dev/mtdblock1 is the config partition?
/dev/mtdblock3 is the initfs?

Yst this is correct. Kernel lives in /dev/mtdblock2 but there appears to be header "NOLO img" + kernel image size an kernel stats at 0x800.

2. Modifiy the initfs such that very early on, before flash is mounted rw, have a bootmenu, much like the existing bootmenu program. This could on selection of L4, load a kernel module which contains the L4 kernel image, and then "take over" Linux and boot the L4 kernel.

Just a thought, can this module with L4 kernel take over already running linux kernel but leave it running i.e. just hook into interrupt vectors, MMU or whatever? This is how colinux hooks into running NT/XP kernel and runs side by side with it. When done this way you won't need any boot or linux kernel loader.

I don't want to keep Linux around in kernel mode. It is insecure and should not be priviledged when running on a kernel like L4. I'll run a copy of the Linux kernel para-virtualized as an L4 application.

I think I'll take the kernel module option for now.. .its easier to implement for now and I can use my laptop to flash images onto the MMC card.


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