Hi Richard,

"So unless anyone has strong objections, I think we should link the
collection name to the first view in the collection, if the collection
is not empty."

I think that is a sensible solution. Will we have a link somewhere on
the view pages that says "Edit Collection" and "Edit Collection Access"
so that users, like on views, can get to the edit page easily?


Collections / View navigation - usability problems
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Status in Mahara ePortfolio: In Progress

Bug description:
View Collections, the way they are currently on master, are confusing for users 
seeing them for the first time.

People may think that they're a way of organising and ordering views into 
folders (for the owner to find them more easily).  That's another feature that 
has been requested by people on the forums but it's not addressed by this stuff 
at all.

Part of the problem is that the name 'Collection' doesn't really express the 
fact that the only point in putting views together into these 'things' is just 
so that views can be linked to each other when they're being displayed to 

Comment from David Drummond on the forums:

I *do* see collections as something that could evolve in a lot of different 
useful directions - something that could come in an iterative process - and 
that may cover a way to organise views. Not quite there yet though granted. For 
that reason I'd suggest leaving them as collections might be a good idea to 
drive that direction of development in future iterations - rather than having 
to rename something again down the track.

If that's unreasonable, then maybe something more explicit to the actual 
initial use case is needed. Perhaps "Navigation Lists"? or even "Manage View 
Menus" (and change the blocktype to "View Menu"). 

Comment from Richard Wyles via email:

Yes, there's also a problem with a View only being able to belong to one 
Collection - users won't understand the access challenge/conflict which is the 
reason? Can't Title, Description and adding Views to Collection be all on one 
page? Then the action could be on the My Views page and be called Connect Views 
or something. Keen to be included in discussions like this as the more menu 
items and pages then it becomes harder to achieve good usability. The other 
route to this via the Access page dashboard.

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