Looking at the Mahara installation guide
we could add some ErrorDocument lines to that <virtualHost> info and
give instructions on how to set that up to point to relating *.php files
(eg errors/404.php) in Mahara so they can be served maybe.

And then include a bunch of error php files in mahara that can be
served, maybe?

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  Wishlist: Apache-compatible 404 error response page

Status in Mahara:

Bug description:
  Due to receiving a few security reports about it, we've recently re-
  styled the 404 response pages for most of the Mahara project sites.
  The reports we received pointed out that the default Apache 404
  response page prints the url-decoded (but still html-escaped) query
  portion of the URL on the page. This could result in attackers
  printing arbitrary text onto the page, with spaces and such, which
  conceivably could be part of a phishing attack.

  To keep thing simple, we replaced it with a static empty page that
  doesn't include any details about the requested query. However,
  ideally we'd want to print out a page more like Google's 404 page:

  1. Styled in the site's theme
  2. Contains the requested URL, but in a way that clearly sets it apart (i.e., 
url-encoded so that spaces are transformed into %20, and possibly truncated if 
it's quite long.)
  3. Maybe translated as well.

  We could achieve this by shipping a PHP script with Mahara, which a
  Mahara site admin could then configure their Apache server to use for
  its 404 error document, via this directive:

  ErrorDocument 404 /errors/404.php

  We might also provide a "sample.htaccess" file, sitting at the top
  level of the project (outside the htdocs directory) to show people how
  to set this up. (We used to include a .htaccess file in Mahara's
  htdocs by default, but this could cause crashes if people were using
  different servers or different versions of Apache).

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