Submitter: Robert Lyon (
Branch:    16.10_STABLE

commit 1f5eb705557c6d8217be8e927464efc4a53baca3
Author: Robert Lyon <>
Date:   Mon Oct 3 11:01:42 2016 +1300

Bug 1629144: Allow self copying of an annotation to duplicate artefact

Because unlike image/note blocks where we want the blocks to reference
the same underlying artefact here we want to create a new artefact
otherwise updating the block on one page will update the artefact for
all the related blocks.

To do this we need to add a new copytype called 'fullinclself' that
means make a full copy of blockinstance including when doing a self copy

Also we need to allow for the self copying to ignore the
annotationfeedback artefact type as we dont' want to copt the feedback.


Change-Id: Icc9e375e3180ff3f25d84ba9695926d5b24bb17d
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon <>
(cherry picked from commit a9360f18ba59ba48358add888cf83a036556f076)

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  Problems with copying a SmartEvidence collection with annotations

Status in Mahara:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:
  Mahara 16.10dev

  1. Set up a SmartEvidence collection.
  2. Put a couple of annotations on the page.
  3. Add a couple of feedbacks to the annotations.
  4. Copy the collection in the same user account.
  5. Open a page that has an annotation.

  I get the following error message multiple times:

  [WAR] 5f (artefact/annotation/lib.php:1294) Trying to get property of 
  Call stack (most recent first):

      log_message("Trying to get property of non-object", 8, true, true, 
"/home/kristina/code/1610stable/htdocs/artefact/ann...", 1294) at 
      error(8, "Trying to get property of non-object", 
"/home/kristina/code/1610stable/htdocs/artefact/ann...", 1294, array(size 13)) 
at /home/kristina/code/1610stable/htdocs/artefact/annotation/lib.php:1294
 object(View), null, "1061", false, "0") at 
 object(View), "1061", true, false) at 
      PluginBlocktypeAnnotation::render_instance(object(BlockInstance)) at 
      call_user_func_array(array(size 2), array(size 1)) at 
      call_static_method("PluginBlocktypeAnnotation", "render_instance", 
object(BlockInstance)) at 
      BlockInstance->render_viewing(false) at 
      View->build_column(1, 1, false, false) at 
      View->build_columns(1, false, false) at 
      View->build_rows() at 


  If possible, the annotations should be linked to the map in the copied
  collection. Currently, the annotations display on the page, but their
  status doesn't shop up on the smartEvidence overview page.

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