Some insight about the patch ..

I have investigated two different solutions:

The first was to use a Javascript function. This function would find the
height of the navigation element and use this value to add additional
padding-top to the body element. This approach is similar to what the
current code does, however the value is able to change depending on the
variable header height.

The issue with this approach is that the Javacript loads too slowly and
the content and styles load before the JS. Unfortunately this delay
causes the content to 'jump' when the padding-top is applied through JS.

The second approach and the solution I've submitted, relies on a
'spacer' div. Adding additional html markup is not ideal, however after
researching this issue it's the best solution I could come up with.

The spacer div is a clone of the header element and it's purpose is to
push content down. It uses the same classnames as the header and nav
elements to ensure it inherits the new height and necessary positions
when site messages are added.

All child elements of the nav inherit it's height, therefore you only
need to change the .navbar-main's height property. This is also enforced
as a max-height has been set on the .navbar-main element. The image
height is set with a percentage value, and allows the image's size to
increase relative to the navbar's height.

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  Ensure that the header displays correctly with or without site message

Status in Mahara:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  When the custom theme has taller logo it causes the header to be
  larger, sometimes this makes the secondary menu appear to be hidden or
  cutoff when there is no site message.

  Ensure that Raw and Old raw theme header display correctly with or
  without site message(s)

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