Environment tested: Master
Browser tested: Chrome

1) CSV contains the following expiry dates
a) date in the past 
b) todays date                                                
c) date in the wrong format (ie 07/03/2019) 
d) invalid date (ie 2020-07-32)
e) date in the future but not more than 7 days 
f) date in the future greater than 7 days 
2) Mahara system contains users that has an expired account and can no longer 
log in

1) Log in as Site admin
2) Browse to the Add users by CSV page (Admin menu > Users > Add users by CSV
3) Upload a file that contains the above data 
4) Confirm the following error messages are displayed 
  a) Error on line 2: The expiry "2018-02-01" cannot be in the past. ✔  (date 
in the past)
  b) Error on line 4: The expiry "03-04-2019" is invalid. Please use 
YYYY-MM-DD. ✔ (date in the wrong format (ie 07/03/2019))
  c) Error on line 5: The expiry "2019-03-32" is invalid. Please use 
YYYY-MM-DD. ✔ (invalid date (ie 2020-07-32))
5) Fix the above errors in the CSV by setting the date to date in the future 
but not more than 7 days
6) Confirm the upload is successful with no errors displayed  ✔
7) Confirm that emails are sent to users that have an expiry date that is 
within 7 days of todays date  ✔
8) Browse to the User search page and select a user that was in the CSV upload 
9) Browse to the users Account settings page 
10) Confirm that the Account expires date is displayed and is the same as what 
was in the CSV  ✔
11) Log out and log in as a user that has an account that has expired 
12) Confirm that user cannot log in ✔
13) Log out and log in as a user that has an account that has expired and has 
had their wxpiry date updated to the future
14) Confirm that the user is now able to log into their Mahara account ✔

* NOTES: *
1) If the CSV contains details of an existing user - ensure that the Update 
users switch is set to Yes
2) emails are not sent right away the cron must be run first - add the 
following to the base URL to run the cron  /lib/cron.php
3) There is another patch that must be used with this patch so that the date 
will display in the "Account expires" field located in the Accounts page for a 

Catalyst QA Approved ✔

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  Create users by CSV - allow specification of end date

Status in Mahara:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  Could we please allow the setting of an end date for the lifecycle of
  the users' accounts when creating users by CSV.

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