Commit hash: 297d3275704f7c58f76ee9f4b740ba1d141256c7
Environment tested: Master
Browser tested: Chrome

1) SIte has the following code on the config.php file (found in the htdocs 
 a)  $cfg->probationenabled = true;
2) site admin user exists 
3) Mahara users exist - min of 5 users (User1, User2, User3, User4, User5)
4) Set the probation points to 7 for 2 of the users (User3, User5) 

1) Log in as Site admin user 
2) Browse to the reports page (admin menu > Reports)
3) Configure the report with the report type = User details  
4) Open the columns accordion tab and select the desired columns to display 
5) Verify that the Probation checkbox list item is displayed ✔
6) Verify that you can select the checkbox  ✔
7) Select the checkbox and submit the form 
8) Verify that the report page displays the Probation column  ✔
9) Verify that the correct probation points are displayed for the users (7 
points for User3 and User5) ✔
10) Set the $cfg->probationenabled =False; in the config.php file 
11) Clear the cache and refresh the page 
12) Open the report configuration flyout modal - set the report type to User 
details and open the columns accirdion tab
13) Verify that the Probation checkbox list item is not checked and is 
displayed and user is unable to interact with the checkbox ✔

NOTE: The checkbox may be selected - this is dependant on the settings
used for the last report columns selected during the user session (User
sessions can be over ridden by opening a new private window to do
testing should work)

14) Submit the form 
15) Verify that the User details report is displayed  ✔

Catalyst QA Apporved ✔

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  Allow site stats column options to respect enabled config options

Status in Mahara:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  Some of the options in Mahara need to be enabled in the config file or
  in the Site configuration settings.

  If these options also cause statistical information to be displayed we
  need to make sure the option is enabled.

  For example there is the user's details statistics where we can show
  probation number but only if $cfg->probationenabled = true;

  So we should disable the choosing of that column if the
  'probationenabled' is false

  This can be seen under the Reports -> User details report

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