Commit hash: bf7a19b4ba9258f7f0d8e08e49c7c06c08995ded
Environment tested: Master
Browser tested: Chrome

1) Mahara users exists (no roles) User1 & User2
2) Mahara User1 has portfolio page that has Page instructions and a text block 

1) Log in as Mahara User1
2) Export the page mentioned above as HTML export 
3) save file to your local drive 
4) open the index page in a browser 
5) Verify that the page displays the page instructions ✔        BUG - No title 
for the block is displayed ✘

TEST STEPS: Leap2a export 
1) Log in as Mahara user
2) Export the page mentioned above as Leap2a export 
3) save file to your local drive 
4) Log out and log in as Mahara User2
5) Import the Leap2a file and add the new Page mentioned above 
6) View the newly created page 
7) Verify that the page displays the page instructions ✔

Catalyst QA Failed Testing ✘

BUG - Page Instructions not apparent as Instructions when viewing as exported 
HTML page 

Summary - When viewing a page that has instructions in display mode, the
instructions are initally hidden - User must click the instructions link
to reveal the instructions. User know there must be instructions. When
viewing the HTML page, the instructions directly follow the page
descriptions and ther is no indication that the Instruction text is
actually instructions.

Recommend: adding a subheading or background colour to the page
instruction text to indicate to the user that the following text is
actually instruction text.

** Attachment added: "HTML export display_17-04-19-09:04:32.png"

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  Page and peer instructions are not exported properly in HTML and

Status in Mahara:
  In Progress
Status in Mahara 18.10 series:
Status in Mahara 19.04 series:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  When a portfolio is exported that has page instructions, they do not
  appear in the HTML or Leap2A export.

  Since they are part of the portfolio, they should be exported.

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