Commit hash: 9d3620f3cec87d36426627de2849169bf50b3888
Environment tested: Master
Browser tested: Chrome
Theme used:  Raw | Default raw | Ocean | Modern | Primary school 

1) Site page that lists all styles exists and can be viewed in a one of the 5 
themes exists
2) At least 2 users exist in the site
1) Log in as Site admin and Set the theme to one of the following 
     a) Raw ✔
     b) Default ✔
     c) Modern ✔
     d) Ocean ✔
     e) Primary School ✔
2) Browse to to view 
the styles of the alerts 
3) Verify the Alerts are as follows 
     a) Warning alert   Background #f7eedb | Foreground: #694e17        
Contrast Ratio = 6.74:1 ✔
     b) Danger alert    Background #e8c4c4 | Foreground: #76302e        
Contrast Ratio = 5.88:1 ✔
     c) Success alert   Background #cedeb7 | Foreground: #3C4C23        
Contrast Ratio = 6.56:1 ✔
     d) Info alert              Background #b8d7e7 | Foreground: #224e64        
Contrast Ratio = 5.94:1 ✔
4) log in as another user 
5) verify that the "log in anyway" text is bold and uses the theme colour of 
the site ✔

NOTE: AA standard for accessibility is (4.5:1) = Pass

Catalyst QA Approved ✔

** Attachment added: "Log in anyway Bold text _10-05-19-10:39:50.png"

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  Contrast on warning messages is not high enough and "Log in anyway"
  needs to be bold

Status in Mahara:
  In Progress
Status in Mahara 19.04 series:
Status in Mahara 19.10 series:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  The color contrast on "alert-warning" is not high enough to pass WCAG

  Warnings can be seen, for example, when you masquerade as a user at
  the top of the screen and also when you created a new user and log in
  as them and you see the "Log in anyway" message.

  The "log in anyway" text (just the link, not the rest of the text)
  needs to be bold as in previous version of Mahara. It's a regression
  that this is not the case anymore.

  The screenshot is from the raw theme. All themes will need to be

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