revno: 1331
committer: Mark Sapiro <m...@msapiro.net>
branch nick: 2.2
timestamp: Wed 2014-04-30 16:06:34 -0700
  Clarified web admin details for from_is_list.


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=== modified file 'Mailman/Gui/General.py'
--- Mailman/Gui/General.py	2014-04-15 20:55:52 +0000
+++ Mailman/Gui/General.py	2014-04-30 23:06:34 +0000
@@ -161,13 +161,17 @@
              _("""Replace the sender with the list address to conform with
              policies like ADSP and DMARC.  It replaces the poster's
              address in the From: header with the list address and adds the
-             poster to the Reply-To: header, but the anonymous_list and
-             Reply-To: header munging settings below take priority.  If
-             setting this to Yes, it is advised to set the MTA to DKIM sign
-             all emails.""") +
+             poster to the Reply-To: header.""") +
              _("""<p>If this is set to Wrap Message, just wrap the message
              in an outer message From: the list with Content-Type:
              message/rfc822.""") +
+             _("""<p>These settings play as expected with the anonymous_list
+             and Reply-To: header munging settings below with the exception
+             of adding "via real_name" to the display name in the From: for
+             an anonymous list and adding the poster's address to Reply-To:
+             in almost all cases.""") +
+             _("""<p>If anonymous_list is Yes, there is no reason to set
+             from_is_list to anything other than No.""") +
              _("""<p>If <a
              dmarc_moderation_action</a> applies to this message with an

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