The proposal to merge 
lp:~futatuki/mailman/i18n-add-whence-to-adminack-templates into lp:mailman/2.1 
has been updated.

Description changed to:

This is a solution of problem left in mp+347992.

To mark whence messages for pygettext, I introduced dummy function i18n.D_(s) 
returns s it self, and then added "-k D_" option to pygettext commandline in 
This costs extra function call on execute, for its maintenancebility.

I've picked up whence candidate message strings except from bin/add_member, 
bin/delete_member, and cron/disabled, and tested with ja translation (temporary 
for test, not included in this proposal).

* whence messages for user conformation of subscribe and unsubscribe are 
inconsistent. For subscribe they are 'via email confirmation' and 'via web 
confirmation', but for unsubscribe they are 'email confirmation' and 'web 
* admin approval for unsubscription dosen't report whence because 
ListAdmin.__handleunsubscription() calls ApproveDeleteMember() without whence 

For more details, see:
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