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enhance i18n of listinfo/admin overview page

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  Mailman Coders (mailman-coders)

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On listinfo/admin overview page, lists' description may be stored in different 
charset/encoding from what the page uses. However current implementation of 
listinfo/admin overview page uses those regardlessly of the difference, so 
those cannot be displayed correctly. 

To avoid this, (1) I've implemented a new function to get description as string 
of specified charset  (with XML character reference) in MailList class, 
MailList.GetDescription(), and use it instead of accessing .description 
attribute directly in overview functions.

This function uses a precondition that .description attribute is stored in 
charset of list's preferred_language. This is fundamentally true, but in case 
list's preferred_language has been changed and of the description hasn't, it is 
not true(Suppose changing preferred_language temporary to edit template files 
via Web UI, for example). To help to ensure the precondition, (2) I've added 
hook to change charset of list's description when preferred_language is changed 
via Web UI. (This is not always preserve identity of description string when 
preferred_languages is changed one of other charset/encoding and then changed 
back, because of multiple mapping of character between charset, and intentional 
use of XML character reference)
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