Jim Popovitch has proposed merging 
lp:~jimpop/mailman/dmarc-moderation-addresses into lp:mailman/2.1.

Commit message:
Patch for dmarc_moderation_addresses to automatically apply 
dmarc_moderation_action against a regexp of addresses.

Requested reviews:
  Mark Sapiro (msapiro)

For more details, see:

This patch adds the new variable dmarc_moderation_addresses which accepts a 
list of regexp addresses that will automatically apply dmarc_moderation_action. 
 This is for circumstances where a domain's internal policies reject external 
emails From their own domain (looking at you hydro.qc.ca).  Even though there 
is no DMARC record, the dmarc_moderation_action is the perfect solution for 
this problem. 
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