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Update mta doc for Sendmail.

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Update mta doc for Sendmail.

See merge request mailman/mailman!930
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- src/mailman/docs/mta.rst


@@ -450,52 +450,12 @@ Sendmail
 The core Mailman developers generally do not use Sendmail, so experience is
-limited.  Any and all contributions are welcome!  The follow information from
-a post by Gary Algier <> may be useful as a starting point,
-although it describes Mailman 2:
-    I have it working fine.  I recently replaced a very old implementation
-    of sendmail and Mailman 2 on Solaris with a new one on CentOS 6.  When I
-    did so, I used the POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD mechanism to automatically process
-    the aliases.  See::
-    In
-         MTA='Postfix'
-         POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD = '/usr/bin/sudo /etc/mail/import-mailman-aliases'
-    /etc/mail/import-mailman-aliases contains::
-         #! /bin/sh
-         /bin/cp /etc/mailman/aliases /etc/mail/mailman.aliases
-         /usr/bin/newaliases
-    In /etc/sudoers.d/mailman::
-         Cmnd_Alias IMPORT_MAILMAN_ALIASES = /etc/mail/import-mailman-aliases
-         Defaults!IMPORT_MAILMAN_ALIASES !requiretty
-    In the file I changed::
-         define(`ALIAS_FILE', `/etc/aliases')dnl
-    to::
-         define(`ALIAS_FILE', `/etc/aliases,/etc/mail/mailman.aliases')dnl
-    so that the Mailman aliases would be in a separate file.
-The main issue here is that Mailman 2 expects to receive messages from
-the MTA via pipes, whereas Mailman 3 uses LMTP exclusively.  Recent
-Sendmail does support LMTP, so it's a matter of configuring a stock
-Sendmail.  But rather than using aliases, it needs to be configured to
-relay to the LMTP port of Mailman.
+limited.  Any and all contributions are welcome!  There is one such
+contribution on GitHub_ and another in comments at this issue_.
+.. _GitHub:
+.. _issue:
 .. _`mailing list or on IRC`: START.html#contact-us
 .. _`Local Mail Transfer Protocol`:

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