>>>>> "st" == Stephen J Turnbull
>>>>> "Re: [Mailman-Developers] Improving the archives"
>>>>>  Tue, 24 Jul 2007 15:56:35 +0900

    st> Jeff Breidenbach writes:
    >> > Notice that of 325146 total messages, 624 of them had no
    >> > message-id header.  Even if you aggregate dup+col, you're
    >> > still looking at a total duplicate rate of 0.29%.
    >> Message ID's are supposed to be unique.

    st> Fortunately, a rule more honored in the observance than the
    st> breach.  Nonetheless, it *is* breached.  The Postel Principle
    st> applies here, IMO.

Taking "be conservative in what you do" as being at least as important
as "be liberal in what you accept from others", the devil can quote
this scripture to support simplicity in this instance, IMHO.

    >> better to go ahead and use the mesage-id, rather than concoct
    >> yet another "this time we mean it!" unique identifier.

    st> That's not the point.  We're not going to impose this on
    st> senders;

I read the quote as meaning "this time we mean it really is unique",
imposing nothing on senders.

    st> that's what Message-ID is for, as you say.  If a sender won't
    st> provide a proper Message-ID, third parties who get a CC are
    st> just out of luck.

Right.  Maybe that will encourage compliance.  The complexity of
catering to brokenness in this instance may be too high a price to
impose on the all.


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