* Barry Warsaw <ba...@list.org>:
> For detailed information on 3.0a2, please read docs/ALPHA.txt.  This  
> file explains how to build Mailman and run the test suite.  The docs/ 
> NEWS.txt file contains high level descriptions of what's changed since  
> 3.0a1.  Most notably are the new configuration system, the better test  
> suite and installation process, and the new LMTP support.  Mailman 3  
> also contains extensive doctests which explain how certain subsystems  
> work.

I'm having problems to build MM3 and I am unexperienced enough with Python
(including bzr) to tell if its me or any program standing in the way.

So far I have successfully built Python 2.6 on a vanilla Ubuntu/Hardy virtual

Then I followed docs/ALPHA.txt from mailman-3.0.0a2 and tried to checkout
megamerge. I get this and believe I shouldn't:

# bzr branch lp:~barry/lazr.config/megamerge
bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "https://code.launchpad.net/";.

I can't tell if its a configuration error on my side or a real error. Any
help greatly appreciated.


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