For many years, Atlassian has provided the GNU Mailman project with free (as
in beer) wiki hosting on their proprietary platform.  This has included a free
license, free hosting, and free support.  We are very grateful to them for
this, as our wiki contains lots of useful information that help you, the
members of our Mailman community.

The current wiki was offered to us at a time when we didn't really have any
other options.  However, GNU Mailman is free software and a GNU project, so it
is not appropriate for us to be hosting our wiki on non-free software.  We
have offers for hosting a new wiki on Moin <> a very
excellent free wiki engine written in Python.

The major hurdle is actually finding the resources to do a high-fidelity
conversion from the current wiki to Moin, retaining as much of the current
feature set, layout, and history as possible during the migration.  None of
the core Mailman developers has time to do this, though we will support the
effort.  We tried, but were unable to get a slot in this year's Google Summer
of Code for the conversion work.

Now the FSF has put out a call for volunteers:

If you'd like to help GNU Mailman in this way, please contact the FSF at

We will provide as full a data dump from the current wiki as possible, and
guidance for requirements, etc., and the Moin developers have graciously made
themselves available to help with the technical details.  Your conversion work
will of course be free software itself, so it will help Moin and other free
software projects wanting to do similar conversions.  I hope you'll consider
help us out with this.


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