On Mar 27, 2012 8:47 PM, "Barry Warsaw" <ba...@list.org> wrote:
> .... but that we're pretty far away from being
> able to bless an archiver right now.

I just want to be clear, that I'm obviously not asking for anyone to bless
a specific archiver and roll it into the distribution.

I'm trying to get some idea what requirements an  archiver would need to
meet for you folks to jump for joy and roll it into the MM2 and MM3
distros  -- because my goal is to (with respect and fondness) exterminate
pipermail for the betterment of all. Along these lines, I've been thinking
that in addition to a dynamic rendering system (like CSLA), it might be
worth it to include a static-html generation model a bit more like
pipermail ... as some sites may prefer it and it's easy to do.

If there is a compatible set of goals I'll gladly offer / retool rewrite my
stuff to make folks happy.

.. if requirement #1 is GPL, then sadly I'll have to rethink my
extermination plan, because GPL is not a jeske-compatible-license. :)

> Why can't we kill off Gmane while we're killing off
> Gmail, and *Groups? :).

Is that the primary niche for gmane? Folks who want to read mailing lists
via NNTP clients? What is the motivation for NNTP support? I don't think it
would be too bad to support NNTP clients, it's NNTP sync that is more
involved. I just don't know why anyone would want to use an NNTP client

As for killing off things, don't get me started. I'm very unhappy with the
new over-ajax Groups UI, and the fact that they seem to have broke the
faceted directory browser. The old html-with-javascript-tweaks is so much
faster and lighter on all browsers (especially mobile).

> >What is the REST UI used by? CSLA supports RSS. When it comes to a more
> >involved REST UI, what software would be hitting it? I don't think I'll
> >understand your other API/REST points until I see an answer to this.
> I'm a list owner and someone requests that a post containing private
> information be taken down.

I would expect the user/list-owner go to the
new-builtin-super-cool-mm-archive-web-ui to request/approve-takedown..
which would have CGIs and UI to directly modify it's data. The only REST
API I see is for validating the user-cookie, checking his auth-permissinos,

Is that what you are thinking, or am I missing some part of your thinking?
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