Hello everybody,

the company I am working for is currently evaluating whether or not to upgrade to mailman 3.0 from mailman 2.X. So far I am very impressed by the improved functionality and the good looking webinterface(s) and I am thankful for the good work.

However, I am having some trouble understanding the procedure of granting users access to the Postorius webinterface. I created a bunch of Mailman users using the REST-interface (apparently inserted in table 'user' in var/data/mailman.db) which however are not automatically given access to the Postorius web interface, apparently only granted to users in the 'auth_user' table in var/mailman-web/mailman-web.sqlite. So my questions are:

   1. What is the procedure of granting Postorius web access to Mailman
   2. Is there a timeframe in which a good Mailman 3 documentation can
   be expected? I find it quite hard to solve problems myself given the
   small amount of informationon the web right now.

Thanks a lot!
Simon Fromme
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