On 10/18/2016 08:02 AM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> The way Falcon works is that you need an on_<METHOD>() method for every HTTP
> METHOD that a resource implements.  If you look at the ADomain class (or the
> _DomainBase base class), it only implements an on_get() and an on_delete(),
> but no on_put() or on_patch().  So when you try to invoke PUT or PATCH on a
> domain resource, you get a 405, i.e. Method Not Allowed.
> And afaict, your MR doesn't an on_patch().

Thanks Barry,

I get it and I will fix.

I also note that in my production installs (current branch heads)
Postorius can't edit a domain for the same reason. That's what threw me
off as I assumed editing a domain worked in general and just not in my
development environment.

I'll create an issue and a MR to fix it, but probably not until tomorrow
evening or Thurs.

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