Hi Prashant,

> On Mar 15, 2021, at 4:40 AM, Prashant Pandey <prashantpandey94...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> When I am creating a thread using "Start a new thread in hyperkitty", after
> typing the subject and message it says "The message has been sent
> successfully."
> but after this, it does not show in the list discussion.

Since you are in a development environment, Hyperkitty will hold off on sending
out any real emails. That is the reason that you don’t see anything being sent

This happens due to two reasons, one is that you probably do not have a running
MTA on your local machine to relay emails. Also, in your local environment, you
also might not have capability to receive emails so Core will not be able to 
receive it.

The second reason is that to prevent sending out emails during development, when
`DEBUG = True` in your settings.py, Hyperkitty will not send out emails even if 
was a running MTA.

See here [1] for the setting when `DEBUG = True`. `EMAIL_BACKEND` setting
controls which Django backend we use to send out emails. The filebased backend
will simply write the emails to disk in a file called `emails` (defined by 
`EMAIL_FILE_PATH`) you can find at [1].


Abhilash Raj (maxking)

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