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I just noticed that among the agents that send non-conformant long
lines[1] is HyperKitty.  Nowadays violating the 80 octet
limit is common and MUAs mostly handle it, but the 1000 octet limit is
enforced by many MTAs[2]

I think that HyperKitty should format mail per RFC 3676 format=flowed
https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3676#section-4.  However, I don't use
"modern" (aka crappy HTML-oriented) clients, so I don't know whether
they handle format=flowed properly.

Discussion greatly desired.


[1]   RFC 5321: MTAs MAY impose a limit >= 1000 octets including
CRLF.  RFC 5322: MUST be <= 1000 octets including CRLF, SHOULD be
<= 80 octets including CRLF.

[2]  In practice, most (?) MTAs just break the line at 998 octets and
insert CRLF rather than reject the message.  I assume they would break
happily in the middle of a multi-byte character, i.e., any non-ASCII
in a UTF-8 text.

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