Abhilash Raj writes:

 > So, envlist doesn't really represent the list of supported
 > versions.  [...]  envlist represent the exact list of env that will
 > be used if you run `tox`,

I understand how tox defines envlist, but I would expect that it would
basically tell you what you can expect to run tests with and pass.

 > but usually I just do `tox -e <envname>` and this works even for
 > Python versions not in the envlist.

Me too; I've been short on space on my main workstation, so I'm
usually down to one full suite of Python and my packages at a time.

But that works for Python versions because Python is very special.  It
*doesn't* work for Django, in particular.

Also, the envlist for Postorius is just unuseful.  Django-1.1.1?  LOL

What I think we should do is

1.  Put a full list of Django versions that we have ever supported in
    the deps variable.
2.  Put the full list of Python-Django combinations that are supported
    (where Django is relevant).
3.  Standardize on lint for syntax checking and cov for coverage analysis.

Then people with a single version of Python and a single version of
Django (which I think is going to be typical of non-core-developers
including a lot of people who send patches) can just run "tox".

 > I have been considering putting just one latest Python version in
 > envlist so I can just do `tox` to run the test suite once and use
 > the explicit `-e` flag for CI, which we already do.

I think that a simple tox invocation should be reserved to the users.
I mostly run tox on the whole suite from a script, in the background
(ie, when I'm at lunch, a meeting, or a class).  If I'm doing unit
tests on an in-process branch, I generally run nose2 directly anyway.
(Obviously other people do things their way, and I'm completely open
to reason on the issue. ;-)

 > We should, yes. I am trying to to figure out if I can define the CI
 > definition in a single repo and have that used in all the Mailman
 > projects.  Haven't had time to figure that out yet :( Github
 > Actions provides a good way to share CI configs, maybe Gitlab has
 > some way too!

I'm way behind on that tech. :-(

 > This is a very fun one actually, I have been trying to think of how
 > to fix this. The version of Django-latest is > one supported (in
 > setup.py) by P.

Does Postorius still support Django 1.1.1?!

 > Yes, but there aren't any docs

Speaking of missing docs, the top page on GitLab is woefully lacking
in guidance on which of the subprojects you need for a functional
system, which are documentation, which are example configuration, and
which are experimental.

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