On 9/13/21 2:12 PM, Damian Johnson wrote:
Thanks Stephen, thanks Abhilash! Discussion fell off the list and
Abhilash said he'd forward his reply but I'm gonna beat him to the

I just pushed an update to out website's pages[2] (which hasn't been
deployed yet).

If there is anywhere else in Mailman's docs that points to Freenode,
please feel free to report on this thread or just send a MR to replace
it with libera.chat.

[1]: https://list.org/contact.html

This update has now been deployed.

Here's the links I was reading...


These wiki pages have been updated too.

Does mailman-developers@ set the reply-to header to itself? If not that
might be handy to keep discussions on the list by default (we did that
at Tor).

We strongly believe that reply-to munging is not a good thing. See <http://marc.merlins.org/netrants/listreplyto.html>.

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