Hey Everyone,

I just tagged and released Mailman Core 3.3.5rc1 release.

This is identical to 3.3.5b1 in code, the only changes that have been made are in utility scripts and testing configuration.

You can install this version using:

   $ pip install --pre mailman==3.3.5rc1

If you want to download a release tarball, you can do so from here:


This is the first (and only) planned release candidate for 3.3.5 release. The stable release is planned for next week.


On 9/7/21 12:39 AM, Abhilash Raj wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Mailman Core 3.3.5b1 is now out. It is a pre-release  for 3.3.5, which is slated to come out in 3 weeks from now.

I am planning for a 2 week beta period, after which I'll release the first RC and then stable a week after. Right now I am not planning to release a second beta version, but if there are several changes in Core in the next week or so, then I might.

This release includes a lot of bug fixes and some new features. It also includes a security enhancement that improves the authentication of REST API by adding resistance to some timing channel attacks.

A full list of changes in this version can be found here[1].

[1]: https://docs.mailman3.org/projects/mailman/en/latest/src/mailman/docs/NEWS.html#news-3-3-5

We have also made improvements in the i18n workflow and now the email templates are updated from the translated messages in the .po files that we get from Weblate. Documentation for translators is available here[2] if you want to help translate Mailman into your native language.

[2]: https://docs.mailman3.org/en/latest/translation.html

This is a pre-release version, if you want to test it with your setup, you can install it using:

    $ pip install --pre mailman==3.3.5b1

If you want to download a release tarball, you can do so from here:


This release received a lot of contributions from community, which I am really happy about! I'd like to thank everyone who made this release possible!

Abhilash Raj (maxking)
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