Hello Everyone,

I have just tagged and released Hyperkitty 1.3.5 and mailman-hyperkitty plugin 
1.2.0 to PyPI.

This release includes some changes in the authentication between 
mailman-hyperkitty plugin and Hyperkitty. For that reason, it is important to 
upgrade both Hyperkitty and mailman-hyperkitty plugin to the latest versions, 
or it could result in a broken installation.

This release of Hyperkitty has bugfixes, some new features and some security 
enhancements. A full list of changes is available at:


The release tarball is available at PyPI:


You can upgrade your installations by running:

    pip install mailman-hyperkitty hyperkitty -U

After the upgrade, please make sure to run these commands:


Also, make sure to restart Mailman Core after upgrading mailman-hyperkitty 

Finally, many thanks to all the people who contributed to this release.

Abhilash Raj (maxking)

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