Suyash Singh writes:

Welcome, Suyash!

Sorry this mail has been sitting in my drafts for a day or so, but I
don't think anybody else has answered yet.  Let me just send it and
start the conversation.

 > I have started a development environment and am starting to read the
 > documentation. I picked up issue #973 because it seemed like a easy issue
 > to fix.

Not clear what you're reading.  The dev setup guide starts here, but
the site structure is somewhat complicated (disorganized):

 > Link to Issue:

Note that at least one other developer (whose handle I don't recognize
so probably new) is working on that issue.

 > 1) I am unable to recreate the problem. As I can't find the API url and how
 > do I access them in my development environment. I tried the using the
 > command "mailman shell" which is referred to in the documentation for
 > debugging. and after holding a message and handling it. I get the following
 > error:
 > >>> handle_message(mlist, 1, Action.discard)
 > >>> handle_message(mlist, 1, Action.discard)
 > Traceback (most recent call last):
 >   File "<console>", line 1, in <module>
 >   File
 > "/home/suyashsingh/Desktop/mailman/mailman/src/mailman/app/",
 > line 113, in handle_message
 >     key, msgdata = requestdb.get_request(id)
 > TypeError: cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object

I think you probably don't have Mailman running, but I can't be sure
because of the limited information you've given about how you set up
your dev environment.

 > 2) How can I start http://localhost:9001/ on my local machine as currently
 > its not working. What is the port 9001 used for?

In a dev environment, port 9001 is used for the REST API served by
Mailman core.  You start Mailman by running "mailman start" in the
directory where you want Mailman's database stored (this assumes you
have configured your dev environment to use sqlite3 as the backend).

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