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At worst, one could set up two lists, fed by the same stream, one with munging enabled and the other not, letting users subscribe to the one they prefer.

To be honest, while I'm at best 50% willing to implement the user option, I could easily be persuaded by a few experiments with the dual list proposal. This could be implemented almost transparently for the subscriber (except at subscription time) by using an umbrella list.

That's right. I'm going to add this as another method to get rid of munged From:'s in my draft. Would you give it a review for me, please?

Internet-Draft             MLM Transformations            September 2022

3.  The ARC method

   For each list with From: munging enabled, a participating MLM MUST
   configure a twin list with From: munging disabled.  Both lists have
   the same posting address, but separate subscriber lists.  Subscribers
   who think that their mailbox provider runs a suitably configured
   DMARC filter can subscribe to the twin list.  Users subscribed to
   both lists receive double messages until they unsubscribe or suspend
   delivery from one of them.

   DMARC local policy overrides is one of the use cases that [RFC8617]
   provides for ARC.  It requires that a DMARC filter be configured to
   accept the authentication assessments provided by a verified ARC
   chain when all of the domains involved are marked as trusted.  In
   that case, the filter overrides DMARC policy and acts as if the
   current Authentication-Results: were the ARC-Authentication-Results:
   (AAR:) of the first ARC set (i=1).  Normally, a MLM SHOULD apply
   DMARC policy on message arrival, so the first AAR: is expected to
   have dmarc=pass.

   MLMs which in turn trust third party domains, such that they override
   DMARC failures in posted messages, MUST communicate the list of
   trusted domains to subscribers when they announce the creation of the
   twin list, and on subsequent modifications.  How users can query the
   list of domains trusted by their mailbox providers is beyond the
   scope of this document.  Anyway, all the domains possibly trusted by
   the list MUST be trusted by the user's MTA as well, and by any
   subsequent MTA in case of forwarding.


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